Damian Daly.

Illustrations and paintings by Damian Daly:

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Shaun Tan (Chinese Australian) - Cover from book Rules Of Summer
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Paul W Ruiz (Melbourne, Australia)    Paintings: Oil on Linen
04.15.14 /02:44/ 177

Iron Eagle Man aka Hubei Huanggang - Blood, 2013     Paintings
04.15.14 /02:44/ 700

04.14.14 /19:39/ 6175
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James Charles alters the portraits on American dollar bills, exchanging the original staid and solemn faces with those of famous pop culture icons. Sometimes Charles simply draws over the original portraits on the bills, giving the famous politico faces playful makeovers, while on others he completely replaces the original faces. In either case, the text at the bottom of every bill is also replaced with either the name of the new face or a quote or descriptive phrase.

The Bride of Frankenstein’s text reads “Runaway Bride” while Frankenstein’s Monster reads “Love Lorn.” And Willy Wonka’s bill reads “The Bossman” while an Oompa-Loompa on another bill reads “Working Class Stiff.”

These dollars were exhibited back in 2011 as part of the American Iconomics show at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco.

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Canvas  by  andbamnan